Legendary Wedding Photographer Denis Reggie at The Mill

Oprah Winfrey called him the most influential wedding photographer in the world.  The Wall Street Journal referred to his iconic photo of JFK, Jr. kissing his new bride Caroline Bisset as, "the most important wedding photo in history."  Denis Reggie has photographed over 2,000 weddings of celebrities, royalty, and every day people.

The Mill at Plein Air was honored to have Denis teach a one-day workshop for professional wedding photographers.  "Denis and I are old friends and given our new focus on weddings, I thought it would be a fabulous opportunity to have him teach at The Mill", said Campbell McCool.

Reggie's wedding photographs have appeared in museums, newspapers, and magazines around the world.  He has shot multiple Kennedy weddings, Arnold & Maria, Paul Newman, Oprah, Vera Wang, Beyonce, and thousands more.  "I loved teaching at The Mill.  I'd love to shoot a wedding here.  The bricks and weathered floors are such a lovely backdrop.  Maybe I will one day."