Language of Light and Color | Painting Workshops with Sammy Britt

OXFORD, MS -- Sammy Britt, renowned impressionist painter and teacher, will conduct three painting workshops at Plein Air, the traditional neighborhood development in Taylor south of Oxford, MS.

Britt, a graduate of the Memphis Academy of Arts and The University of Mississippi, is a retired Professor of Art at Delta State University and is a proponent of the Henry Hensche theory of impressionist painting. The two five day adult workshops and one three day children's workshop will be entitled "The Language of Light and Color".

"We are delighted to have Sammy Britt inaugurate the 2010 Plein Air artist series which we envision will feature a wide range of artists in workshops and lectures, " said Campbell McCool, Plein Air developer.

Adult workshops will be offered at Plein Air on April 26-30 and October 5-9, with the children's workshop scheduled for June 8-10.

For more information about the Sammy Britt Workshops, go to and click on "Sammy Britt Painting Workshops" or and click on workshops for registration and information.

Plein Air at Taylor, MS is a unique neighborhood, fashioned in the new urbanist tradition and named after the plein air painters' movement which began in France in the 1800’s. Artists emphasized outdoor painting to capture the beauty and simplicity of nature as it is meant to be seen. Henry Hensche and his predecessor, Charles W. Hawthorne, are recognized as Founders of the Language of Light and Color. Beginning in 1963 until Mr. Hensche’s death in 1992, Sammy studied with Mr. Hensche both at the Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown, MA and in Gray, LA. Mr. Hensche became both Britt's mentor and dear friend.

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