New Restaurant to Open at Plein Air

We are really excited to announce that we have signed a lease for a new restaurant at Plein Air.  The restaurant will be called Grit and the owners describe it as sophisticated southern cuisine.  (Think Hominy Grill in Charleston; Iris in Memphis; Clancy's in New Orleans.)  They plan on being open Tuesday-Saturday for lunch and dinner and Sunday brunch. The owners of Grit are Angie Sciuerezza and Nick Repon - a husband and wife team.  They formed A&N Catering about a year ago and have quickly established themselves as one of the premier catering operations in Oxford. 

Prior to forming A&N Nick was head chef at City Grocery and other John Currence restaurants.  Angie was Director of Operations for the Currence empire overseeing 6 restaurants and 300 employees. They are both very well respected in restaurant circles. 

We will begin to renovate the former Tin Pan Alley building, (mainly adding a kitchen on the back), with a target date of having Grit open by May 1.